Why is He called the Lamb?

Updated: May 4

So I recently went on a bike ride and began to wonder, why is Jesus called the Lamb of God?

I realize the Bible is full of analogies and illustrations

So that humanity can comprehend it

It is full of simplicity

So as I was riding my bike today, I began to ask myself why is He called the Lamb of God or just the Lamb?

And a thought came into my head, a lamb would never be a lamb without the existence of a sheep and the child of sheep is a lamb.

I understood something ,that Jesus was born human just like you and I.

A Son of Man, in order to wash us from sin, he had to be a man.

He had to become one of us, to fulfill perfect obedience, because we are not capable of doing that.

Every aspect or description of Him are actually all linked together, and we have tried to separate it

Tell me , why do you think He is called the Lamb of God?